Hershey’s Chipits Sea Salt Caramel

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Hershey’s Chipits Sea Salt Caramel

Bring additional profile to your cookies and other pastries with Hershey’s Sea Salt Caramel. Made high grade caramel chips and sprinkled with sea salt which is sure to enhance your goodies flavor.


Hershey’s Chipits Sea Salt Caramel

Category: Baking Supplies
Sub Category: Chocolate
Type: Caramel
Brand Name: Hershey’s
Product Name: Chipits Sea Salt Caramel
Net Weight: 283grams
Ingredients: Sugar; modified and hydrogenated palm kernel oil and hydrogenated soybean oil; hydrogenated palm oil; milk ingredients; natural flavour; sea salt; corn starch; salt; lecithin (soy).

Additional information

Weight .3 kg

12pcs, 1pc, 3pcs, 6pcs


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